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LCBO Store #540

Client: Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Completion: 2001
Size: -
Value: $650,000

Super 8 Cornwall (edited)

Super 8 Motel

Client: Grand Jansons (Canada) Inc.
Completion: 2002
Size: 27,600 sq.ft. / 2,565m2
Value: $2,100,000

Description: Design/Build construction of a 27,600 sq.ft., two- storey, wood-framed motel with an attached indoor pool.

Commercial / retail

12 Flags (edited)

12 Flags Development – Food Court

Client: 12 Flags Development Corp.
Completion: 2002
Size: 12,480 sq.ft. / 1,160m2
Value: $2,500,000

Description: Design/Build construction of a 12,480 sq ft. single storey, wood framed food court.

Commercial / retail

  • NAVSPA02
  • navspa03

Nav Centre Spa

Client: NAV Canada
Completion: 2012
Size: 3,800 sq.ft. / 355m2
Value: $560,000

Description: Construction, following extensive selective demolition by others, of a modern, well-appointed spa and hair salon on an accelerated project schedule.

Commercial / retail



Client: Private owner
Completion: 2011
Size: 2,400 sq.ft. / 220m2
Value: $570,000

Description: Construction of a new building including all associated site work, to house Quiznos and Quesada restaurants.

Commercial / retail


Cornwall Parole and Probation

Client: Infrastructure Ontario
Completion: 2014
Size: 3,200sq.ft / 295m2
Value: $498,000

Description: Renovation and fit-up of office building. Work included selective demolition and construction in occupied office spaces.

Commercial / office

Institutional Projects

  • GSD1
  • GSD2

Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge Extended Care Facility

Client: Corporation of the City of Cornwall
Completion: 1993
Size: -
Value: $13,000,000

Description: Four-storey steel and concrete extended-care facility including patient rooms, dining areas, full-kitchens, nurses, laundry, maintenance shop and mechanical penthouse.

Institutional / healthcare

  • cornwall2
  • cornwall1

Cornwall Public Library

Client: Corporation of the City of Cornwall
Completion: 1997
Size: 70,000 sq.ft./ 6,500m2
Value: $3,900,000

Description: This project involved a complete retrofit of a post office to a state-of-the-art public library. Work involved a new elevator, staircases, securing and reporting of exterior stone veneer, roofing and extensive millwork.

Institutional / heritage + museum and library

  • central5
  • central4

Central Public School

Client: Upper Canada District School Board
Completion: 2006
Size: 53,000 sq.ft. / 4,900m2
Value: $8,700,000

Description: This landmark project for the local community included the demolition of most of the original Central Public School. The school’s heritage entrance was preserved, structurally reinforced and restored, and is now a historical feature within the new school’s library. The two-storey school is built on over 200 foundation piles.

Institutional / education

  • rus2
  • rus1

Russell High School Addition

Client: Upper Canada District School Board
Completion: 2009
Size: 56,000 sq.ft. / 5,200m2
Value: $13,400,000

Description: An addition to the existing Russell High School was constructed under a construction management contract. The modern, brick-finished building houses a new gymnasium, a cafetorium with full kitchen and theatrical facilities, a large atrium, laboratories, shop classes, and several classrooms. Exterior facilities include a full-sized soccer field and track.

Institutional / education

  • mar1
  • mar2

Martintown Community Centre and Fire Hall

Client: Township of South Glengarry
Completion: 2009
Size: 8,000 sq ft. / 740m2
Value: $1,600,000

Description: This Design/Build project consisted of a community centre with commercial kitchen and an attached three-bay fire hall with training facilities. Exterior facilities include state-of-the-art potable water and on-site sewage treatment systems and a river-fed firefighting water reservoir.

Institutional / community
Institutional / emergency services


Cornwall and SD&G Emergency Medical Services Headquarters

Client: Corporation of the City of Cornwall
Completion: 2011
Size: 26,000sq.ft / 2,390m2
Value: $4,500,000

Description: This modern regional headquarters for the SD&G EMS services features boldly-sloped metal roof lines and high-quality wood-composite and aluminum exterior claddings. The new facility is located within an industrial park but borders residential properties, an aspect that required consideration during construction. Inside, a large maintenance bay area features a wash area, in-floor heating throughout, air quality control and exhaust heat recovery. The office wing features conference and training rooms, offices, locker rooms and public areas, all with high-quality institutional finishes. The project was delayed initially due to bad weather and problematic soil conditions, requiring aggressive schedule management to ensure the EMS service was able to move into its new facility on time following the closure of its previous location. This challenging project enjoyed a very cohesive subcontractor team and fantastic support from the EMS Senior staff, and the result was a professional delivery of an important new community facility.

Institutional / emergency services

  • ange1
  • ange2

Academie Ange-Gabriel

Client: Conseil des Ecoles catholiques du centre-est
Completion: 2012
Size: 12,000 sq.ft. / 1,115m2
Value: $2,430,000

Description: Construction of 12,000 sq.ft. double addition to the 37,000 sq.ft. occupied elementary and secondary school complete with selective demolition, extensive renovation and site work.

Institutional / education

  • rcmp4
  • rcmp3

Central St. Lawrence Valley RCMP Detachment (LEED project)

Client: Chenier Westeinde Group
Completion: 2009
Size: 54,000 sq.ft. / 5,050m2
Value: $11,500,000

Description: The new 53,000 sq.ft. Central St. Lawrence Valley RCMP headquarters is a high-quality, high-security facility completed under a fast-tracked design/build/own/operate contract between the owner, the Chenier-Westeinde Group, and Public Works and Government Services Canada. The steel-and concrete-framed LEED® Gold facility houses a 34,000 sq.ft. administration area and a 19,000 sq.ft. high security storage and detention area. Exterior finishes include brick, architectural stone and aluminum cladding. One of the most complex and high-quality buildings in Eastern Ontario, this project was completed on time despite a variety of design changes dictated by evolving RCMP requirements. This successful project also benefited from a high-quality and cooperative owner, architect and subcontractor team.

Institutional / emergency services

VCI 2 (edited)

Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute

Client: Upper Canada District School Board
Completion: 2010
Size: 60,000 sq.ft. / 5,550m2
Value: $13,200,000

Description: Construction of a new state-of-the-art 58,000 sq.ft. high school featuring a large cafetorium with full kitchen and theatrical facilities, a hardwood-floored gymnasium, an interior courtyard, a library, shops classes, laboratories, classrooms and an administrative area. Work also included exterior site works and recreational facilities and the demolition of the existing school.

Institutional / education



Client: Completion: 2013
Size: 2,150sq.ft. /200m2
Value: $772,000

Description: Construction of a steel and masonry addition to an occupied school on an accelerated schedule, including replacement of the septic system.

Institutional / education

  • dundas3
  • dundas2

South Dundas Municipal Centre

Client: Township of South Dundas
Completion: 2014
Size: 25,620 sq.ft. / 2,380m2
Value: $4,193,000

Description: Restoration and conversion of the historic Morrisburg High School and adjacent medical clinic into the South Dundas Township offices, medical clinic and public library.

Institutional / community Institutional / healthcare
Institutional / museum + library
Institutional / heritage commercial / office


St. Anne Catholic School

Client: Chenier Westeinde Group
Client: Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario
Completion: 2013
Size: 3,700 sq.ft./ 340m2
Value: $1,109,000

Description: Kindergarten classroom addition, relocation of existing portable. New services and extension to parking lot.

Institutional / education

  • cphc3
  • cphc1

CPHC Brockville

Client: Community & Primary Health Care Brockville
Completion: 2013
Size: 23,700sq.ft. / 2200m2
Value: $5,729,000

Description: Construction of a large new medical “Centre of Excellence” for the Brockville Community and Primary Health Care Group. The design of the new building emphasizes comfort, healing and tranquility. The centre will play a significant role in the delivery of comprehensive clinical services for three counties and the new setting will enhance the experience of clients receiving health care.

Institutional / healthcare

  • stl3
  • stl2

St. Lawrence Intermediate School

Client: Upper Canada District School Board
Completion: 2012
Size: 2,500sq.ft. / 240m2
Value: $335,700

Description: Construction and fit-up of a new “Hospitality Suite” classroom featuring a full commercial kitchen, bakery, pantry and teaching area.

Institutional / education

CAS (edited)

Children’s Aid Society of SD&G

Client: The Children’s Aid Society of SD&G
Completion: 2006
Size: 14,300 sq.ft. / 1,350m2
Value: $1,870,000

Description: Construction of a 14,300 sq.ft. single storey steel and masonry addition to an occupied building, as well as renovation of approximately 10,000 sq.ft. of occupied office space. Renovation work included selective demolition, new interior partitioning and finishing, and mechanical & electrical systems.

Commercial / office

  • le1
  • le2

Ecole Secondaire Le Relais

Client: Conseil scolaire de district catholique de I’Est ontarien
Completion: 2005
Size: 72,000 sq.ft. / 6,700m2
Value: $10,200,000

Description: Construction of a new 72,000 sq.ft. single storey masonry & wood-framed high school consisting of a gymnasium, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, classrooms, shops and all associated ancillary spaces. Exterior work included full site grading and servicing of the previously undeveloped site.

Institutional / education


Ecole Marie-Tanguay, Centre de resources familiales de L’Estrie

Client: Conseil scolaire de district catholique de I’Est ontarien
Completion: 2008
Size: 7,000 sq.ft. / 650m2
Value: $1,056,000

Description: Construction of a 7,000 sq.ft. wood-framed addition to the existing Marie-Tanguay elementary school. The self-sufficient addition houses a daycare centre consisting of several classrooms, offices, and common areas.

Institutional / education

  • wood1
  • wood2

Cornwall Community (Woodhouse) Museum

Phase 1 & 2
Client: The Corporation of the City of Cornwall
Completion: 2001
Size: 1,400sq.ft. / 130m2
Value: $785,000

Description: The woodhouse was moved from its location on the Domtar property, where it was scheduled for demolition, its present site is located in Lamoureux Park on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. The Woodhouse is Cornwall’s oldest remaining structures.

Institutional / heritage
Institutional / museum + library


St Lawrence Parks Commission Head Office

Client: St. Lawrence Parks Commission
Completion: 2012
Size: -
Value: $281,000

Description: Phased renovations and fit-up of the SLPC’s occupied head office building, including selective demolition and office furniture supply and installation.

Commercial / office


MTO Maintenance and Salt Storage Facility

Client: Ministry of Transportation
Completion: 2011
Size: 12,800sq.ft. / 1,200m2
Value: $804,000

Description: Modernization of the existing MTO patrol yard including the design-build of a new 80’ x 160’ fabric salt storage building including high foundations and associated site work, as well as the demolition of former salt storage domes and the repair and renovation of the maintenance building.

Institutional / storage buildings


North Dundas Secondary School

Client: Upper Canada District School Board
Completion: 2010
Size: -
Value: $2,200,000

Description: Renovation project included the installation of new windows, mechanical & electrical systems, and selective demolition work, to the existing (and occupied) high school.

Institutional / education

  • ter1

600 Glengarry Blvd. – 71 Unit Senior Citizen Building

Client: Robert J. Bourgon & Associates Ltd.
Completion: 1981
Size: 30,000sq.ft. / 2,800m2
Value: $3,000,000

Description: 7- unit public housing apartment building, wood-framed construction with masonry fire walls, brick veneer, and balconies.

Residential / multi-residential

  • water1
  • water2

121 Water St. Condominiums – 51 units

Client: Domicile Developments Inc.
Completion: 1989
Size: 80,000sq.ft. / 7,500m2
(plus underground parking)
Value: $4,000,000

Description: Four storey wood-framed construction, plywood & gypcrete floors on wood joists. Underground poured concrete parking structure landscaped above.

Residential / multi-residential

  • glen1
  • glen2

625-645 Glengarry Blvd. – 150 Unit Complex

Client: Standard Rollins Developments
Completion: 1984
Size: 150,000sq.ft. / 14,000m2
Value: $6,000,000

Description: Two four-storey apartment buildings. Load-bearing split face block with steel open web steel joists, concrete floors and balconies. Constructed using the Hambro system.

Residential / multi-residential

Recreational Projects

  • UVC2
  • UVC1

Upper Canada Village Discovery Centre and Village Store Fit-up

Client: MHPM Project Managers Inc.
Completion: 2011
Size: 8,000sq.ft / 740m2
Value: $4,130,000

Description: This exciting project saw the construction of the new massive-timber and steel framed, open-concept building that houses Upper Canada Village’s new Discovery Centre museum. Additional successful tender proposals during construction added to our scope the complete renovation and fit-up of the adjacent Village Store as well as work on the Discovery Centre’s exhibits under the direction of the specialty exhibit contractor. All these phases were intertwined schedule-wise and were complicated by a tight timeline for opening and many design changes throughout construction to accommodate evolving exhibit needs. The project also included extensive hard landscaping in the Village’s forecourt/main entrance area. All parts of the project were completed successfully, in time for the scheduled public opening, and we’re very proud of the results.

Institutional / heritage
Institutiona / museum and library

  • ben1
  • ben2

Cornwall Multi-Sport Centre (Benson Centre)

Client: Corporation of the City of Cornwall
Completion: 2010
Size:140,000 sq.ft. / 13,000m2
Value: $2,900,000

Description: Design, supply and erection of the award-winning 140,000sq.ft. pre-engineered steel buildings that house the new Benson Centre’s three-pad arena, locker rooms and viewing areas, field house and mechanical/electrical rooms. The contract was assigned post-tender as a subcontract to the general contract.

Institutional / recreational

Residential Projects

  • cak1
  • cak2

32-Unit Apartment Building

Client: Cornwall Are Housing Corporation
Completion: 2010
Size: 24,400 sq.ft. / 2,300m2
Value: $3,000,000

Description: Four- storey, wood-framed 32-unit apartment building on piled foundations, complete with all associated site works.

Residential / multi-residential

  • pp1
  • pp2

Place Perrault 41-Unit Apartment Building

Client: Wigwamen Inc.
Completion: 2014
Size: 34,000sq.ft. / 3,150m2
Value: $5,542,000

Description: New four-storey, wood-framed, 41-unit apartment building constructed on a steeply-sloped site complete with associated retaining walls and site work.

Residential / multi-residential

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