Municipal Works Yard

MTO Kingston Maintenance Patrol Yard

Leonard Hall Kitchen Renovation

Lake Cottage

Alaine Chartrand Community Centre

Construction of a new single pad arena and multi-use facility.

Private Residence

Richardson Stadium Pavilion

Construction of a new two-storey pavilion structure at Richardson Stadium complete with concession area, lockers rooms, meetings spaces, and an elevated viewing area.

Woodland Villa

Interior renovation and construction of a new addition to expand from a 111 bed facility to a 128 capacity long term care home.

Cornwall Affordable Housing

Construction of 77 new affordable units in Cornwall at McConnell & Ninth.

Battersea Fire & Rescue Station No. 8

Construction of a new 7,600 sq.ft. single-storey, post-disaster construction, fire & rescue station for the Township of South Frontenac.